Study Shows Customer Education Necessary to Managed Services Growth

As the use of managed IT services continues to invade every area of business, it’s important to closely monitor customer response. Since the practice is so new, both businesses and providers can learn from each success and failure, putting the information to use in future deployments. A new study from IT industry association CompTIA found… Read more

How Cloud Analytics Tools Can Improve Your Search Engine Marketing

In the near future, data will power everything we do, from business decisions to the items we buy online. One mistake many smaller businesses make is in assuming that access to these insights is the exclusive right of big businesses with giant budgets. But thanks to a wide range of cloud tools, businesses of all… Read more

3 Ways the Cloud Can Help Disaster-Proof Your Business

It can happen to any business. Without warning, a natural disaster can wipe out an entire office building overnight, leaving professionals without the phones, computers, and paperwork they need to do their jobs. More than 43 percent of businesses hit by a natural disaster will never reopenĀ and another 29 percent will close within a year…. Read more

Windows XP Support is Ending: Is Now the Time to Go Virtual?

While the response toward cloud storage and networking has been overwhelmingly positive, businesses are still slowly warming up to the idea of virtualized desktops. Amazon Workspaces stands to make the concept more mainstream, offering a simple format with affordable prices. But businesses are still unsure what a desktop in the cloud really means to daily… Read more

What Does the App Culture Mean for Your Business?

A new study from RTB exchange Flurry has captured the attention of businesses in all industries. In addition to documenting the vast percentage of time consumers now spend on mobile devices, the study also found more of that time than ever is being spent on apps rather than web browsers. What does this mean for… Read more

Study Shows Fears About Cloud Security Decrease Over Time

For those businesses still putting off cloud migration due to security concerns, a new study may provide an incentive to procrastinate no more. A new survey from RightScale Inc. found that, over time, businesses are more positive about the benefits of cloud adoption. As companies develop experience with cloud computing, the survey found the concerns… Read more

Best Apps for Building Your Own App

Many small businesses are feeling the pressure to build an app, if only to remain competitive. Whether a business’s goal is to offer appointment-setting capabilities to employees or find new ways to engage customers, app creation doesn’t involve paying thousands of dollars to a development team. In fact, many cloud-based apps allow businesses to create… Read more

Cloud Solutions Make Electronic Payments Easier Than Ever

Amazon revolutionized online shopping, partly through creating an environment where customers felt comfortable storing credit card information. In large part due to this comfort, many consumers can now order items on the site with one click, whether on a smartphone, Kindle, tablet, or PC. Cloud Payments This ease of payment is becoming more commonplace than… Read more

Password Protecting Your Cloud Data: What You Should Know

As businesses across the world spent the early part of 2014 worrying about the Target data breach, many didn’t realize that the biggest threat resides inside their own organizations. Passwords are the top cause of data breaches, according to experts, with users regularly using weak passwords that can easily be cracked. Enterprise-Level Responsibility This doesn’t… Read more

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