Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot: Introduction

Microsoft Copilot is an innovative tool that assists users in their daily tasks. It boosts user productivity by harnessing generative AI to provide suggestions and by automating repetitive tasks.

With its intuitive features and integration into the Microsoft 365 suite, Copilot can revolutionize the way we work.

How To Use Microsoft Copilot

The tool offers users access to a wide array of features and resources to help them work faster and better. It even offers tailored recommendations based on individual needs and preferences.

For junior programmers, Copilot might help them better understand programming by providing contextual guidance. This accelerates their learning curve and ensures they start with industry-standard coding practices.

Here are some tips to make Copilot even more efficient:

  • Provide clear instructions within your input.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues who also use Copilot.
  • Install any relevant updates.

Customizing it will enhance its ability to provide tailored suggestions that match your writing style and project requirements.

Important! Copilot has limitations that users should be aware of. For instance, Copilot does not guarantee the correctness or quality of suggestions it generates. Therefore, users should always review AI-generated recommendations and test any piece of code before using it within their projects.

Installing Microsoft Copilot is the first step to enhancing productivity. Copilot can be downloaded from the Microsoft 365 app store or the Microsoft Copilot website. Copilot is also available on iOS and Android.

Just recently, Microsoft launched a consumer-focused paid Copilot plan. This makes Microsoft’s existing services, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others, far more attractive, as it boosts productivity and efficiency by allowing the user to access Copilot within each one of these applications.

How To Enable Microsoft Copilot

Follow these simple steps to enable the Copilot:

  1. Ensure you have a Microsoft 365 or Copilot Pro subscription and have the latest version of the app (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.) installed on your device.
  2. Open a PowerPoint presentation, or a Word/Excel file.
  3. Go to the “Home” tab and click the “Copilot” button.

Once enabled, you can access its features, from improved auto-complete suggestions based on your writing style, generating relevant images, summarizing web pages, getting real-time grammar and spelling advice, etc. This way, users will be able to collaborate better and manage daily tasks faster.

As you type the instruction, Copilot will generate relevant suggestions based on context and patterns which will speed up your workflow. By adjusting the settings, you can tailor these recommendations to your preferences.

In the first half of 2024, Microsoft is expected to add more languages to Copilot such as, Arabic, Czech, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, and several others.


Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the context and make relevant recommendations.

It is an example of how AI can augment human capabilities and enable new possibilities for innovation and creativity.

Copilot simplifies certain tasks by automating repetitive processes like writing emails or coding, saving time and effort while improving accuracy. It offers insightful suggestions based on best practices.