Intune Key Features

Key Features of Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune helps organizations efficiently manage the mobile devices their employees utilize to access business assets.

Cloud-based Endpoint Management Solution

Intune allows central control of the endpoints, from software deployment to security policies, devices can be monitored through an easily configurable console.

The scalability of cloud computing and remote monitoring capabilities are undisputed. Therefore, it eliminates the need for onsite servers, it increases productivity and security.

Features & Benefits of Microsoft Intune

Intune allows organizations to manage their devices and applications securely. Its main features include mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) for extra protection of sensitive data.

The platform provides zero-trust security measures so that organizations can comply with industry regulations. It offers support across various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux Ubuntu Desktop, macOS, making it a viable solution for a variety of needs in today’s ever-changing tech landscape.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Microsoft Intune:

Intune automates policy deployment and conditional access.

It provides flexibility and control for securing business data, regardless of the device.

Windows Autopilot works seamlessly with Intune, so setting up new devices has never been easier and more secure.

It offers self-service functionalities, such as resetting passwords, installing apps, removing devices, all through the Company Portal app.

Intune integrates with mobile threat defense services, including Microsoft Defender for Endpoint allowing organizations to implement superior threat protection, create security policies, etc.

Microsoft Intune Mitigates IT Security Risks

With Intune, employees can access on-premises data in a secure manner.

By using Intune-managed certificates with a proxy, like Azure’s Active Directory Application Proxy, access to mobile apps that connect to on-premises data can be enabled and the endpoint management solution will ensure it complies with the security policies.

Intune establishes secure access to email and data through Office 365.

Through Intune and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security, your organization can create a conditional access policy to make certain that none of your employees’ apps or devices can access your Office 365 data unless they are compliant with your organization’s security policies.

Intune can help issue highly secure work phones.

Employees must have access to corporate data and applications to manage tasks effectively anytime, anywhere. You need to make sure that business data remains secure and that administrative costs are low.

With Intune’s management solutions, you can give an employee a new iPhone or Samsung device and they just have to follow a straightforward process, a corporate-branded setup to authenticate themselves. By launching the Intune Company Portal app, employees will be able to access the apps the administrator has made available to them.

Intune helps implement Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) protocols for your staff.

Enrolling personal devices into a management tool is a major challenge because many employees don’t want their employers to have any access to their personal devices.

However, Intune offers a BYOD approach that employees can agree to. It manages only the applications that contain corporate data, like Office apps. The organization can implement protection policies that can prevent employees from copying text from a corporate email profile into a consumer email profile, even within the same Outlook mobile app.

Intune allows organizations to issue limited-use shared tablets.

There are several instances when employees must have a device, like a tablet, to accomplish their tasks. You may have noticed several retail workers carrying tablets to check inventories, process sales, assist customers, etc. These tablets are usually configured in limited-use mode, allowing users only to access the applications required for their jobs.

With Microsoft Intune, administrators can provide device-based and app-based access to corporate data.

The organization can provide conditional access to employees based on if the device is corporate-owned or if it is part of a BYOD protocol that the company adhered to.


Microsoft Intune is not just a device management solution. It streamlines cybersecurity as it minimizes the need for multiple security platforms and reduces IT management burdens and costs.

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