Instant Messaging Service Cotap Targets Business Users

It has been described as a “WhatsApp for business,” giving enterprise-level users the ability to chat with co-workers from an Android or iOS device. But a recent update to Cotap will make it even more appealing to businesses.

One of the most exciting new changes for businesses is the introduction of a desktop application, which will allow office-bound employees to chat with their cubicle neighbors throughout the day. This will allow workers to stay in touch without having to pick up the phone or walk to a nearby cubicle, helping improve productivity.

What is Cotap?

Led by two former Yammer executives, Cotap is a San Francisco-based startup that launched in May 2013. The app’s goal was to allow today’s workers to communicate securely using the technology they employ in their everyday lives. Just as they text friends to arrange dinner meetups, workers can use Cotap to ask fellow team members about the status of a project, brainstorm a new product name, or touch base on an upcoming meeting.

In addition to adding desktop functionality, Cotap has also boosted its usability by integrating with four cloud-based storage apps. Those apps–Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive–are already popular solutions for affordable workplace file storage. The partnership with Cotap means users can access and share files directly within Cotap.

Growing Popularity

Currently, Cotap says its app is in use in 10,000 companies, although each business is unique in the way it uses the service. Because the service is free, it’s attractive to many small businesses with limited budgets. Enterprise editions are available for $10 per user per month and that includes a console for IT administrators. Through the console, administrators can get information on usage data and alerts. This version also provides end user management directly through the console.

Cotap is a useful cloud-based app for many businesses. As younger generations enter the workforce, the ability to chat with co-workers as they chat with friends will be essential.