The Generational Job Search Gap: Social Media

A new survey published by Millennial Branding shows interesting treads amongst baby boomers (48-67), Gen X (30-47), and Gen Y (18-29) in their attitudes when using social media in their job hunts. Perhaps the first point to come out when looking through the data is that old generations are using social media the most, mainly Linkedin.

Between Gen X and Gen Y, the main dividing line seems to be what they are looking for in a job.  Gen Y is looking for flexibility in companies, while Gen X wants job security and benefits.  To that end, Gen Y job seekers tend to use Google and Facebook over other generations.  Gen Y also leads the other generations in having personal websites used to garner employer hits.

When the job search fails, 37% of Gen Y and 35% of Gen X are returning to school.  A third plan to start their own businesses if they can’t find a job.

Now that all this data has been compiled, what does it mean to you?  If you are planning on hiring, what you highlight about your business on the web will attract different demographics.  Over 75% of all respondents say they use online job boards.  Also, the majority judge a company by looking at your website.  Keeping it clean and updated front-end will put your best foot forward and attract the best candidates.