Can’t Beat Free: Google Offers Free Web Hosting Service

If you don’t have a website for your business then you’re missing out.  A huge chunk of the battle of getting customers to purchase your goods and services is having people even know you exist.  Sixty-two percent of businesses in Massachusetts don’t have website.

As with all things business related, price is a major factor.  Now, Google is offering domain registration and hosting for an unbeatable price of zero dollars for one year.

With your Google account you can sign up to create a website from a set of templates and Intuit tools.  You can even link an existing website to this new system.

Google has tried to make it as easy as possible.  All of the design sections are click and drag so there’s no need to know any HTML.  We know that there are plenty of website hosting companies out there, but this has to be the quickest with the most reputable company.

The downside is that it’s only free for a year.  Beyond that, it’ll cost $6.99 a month to keep your newly made site.  Also, tech support is free for the first month, but will also add additional fees.  For what it is, it’s a fairly reasonable rate.

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