The Top Trends for Small Business Tech in 2013

As spring approached this year, new tech trends for small businesses are starting to emerge.  Well, maybe not new, but there are some strong indicators that this will be the year for smart devices and big data.

Big Data

Sir Francis Bacon once said that knowledge was power.  It was true then and it’s true now.  Small business now have more access than ever to cloud-based analytical tools that help them dredge up useful knowledge from the sea of data out there. A study released by Intuit showed that access to data will increase 40-fold in the next decade.

This is important because that means consumers have an even more powerful flow of information coming their way.  As our information shifting habits evolve so will the tools to analyze what, when, where we are searching.  That is the trick that the small business must learn: how to best be present yourself on the web.

Smart Devices

The time is now for businesses to make their websites mobile friendly.  On personal note, I walked into DSW shoe store and all the sales representatives had iPad.  They were all able to log onto the store’s website and look up stock information, place orders, and show different styles.  Like the cash register, smart device will help people on the floor increase efficiency.


As the nation slowly recovers from its economic pitfalls, small businesses will need to work ever harder in this slippery world to stay on the curve.  As in the past, technology will lead the way.

The Economics of Tech Businesses

Everyone seems to be talking about the economy.  Politicians, school teachers, and even that guy holding up the sign at the street corner are all asking if we are better than we were four years ago.  At the core of that question is faith and belief.  Publilius Syrus once said that, “Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.”  Recently, the Nasdaq reached its highest levels since 2000, when the Internet bubble burst.

Many fault the slow economic recovery to low demand.  However, major tech companies are still chugging money into R&D.  Both Google and Apple are preparing for major product launches.  A Piper Jaffray report stated that Apple may be able to sell 10 million iPhone 5s in a week.

Not only is demand for hardware on the rise, but also for the consumption of data.  A Motorola executive, Daniel Woodward announced that there are 15 million users and counting on LTE services when talking about the new Droid Razor coming out.