2015 Research Study: State of the Cloud Survey

If you’ve followed the technology news for a while, you can’t ignore the buzz surrounding Cloud Computing. For most of the business executives, however, the NO.1 questions is The state of Cloud Computing in the near future and how it will help businesses harness a better ROI.

Recently, we did a survey on this and we’d like to share with you our findings!

Our survey objectives were to query middle-to-senior managers and their use of their Cloud Computing environment. Then cull the data to gain insight on the following data sets:

  1. Perceived benefits of Cloud functionality
  2. Reveal core business functions occurring in the Cloud
  3. Identify specific Software Applications used
  4. Discover IT technician concerns migrating to the Cloud
  5. Projected timelines for going to the Cloud

Our Research Methodology 

We chose 55 small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to query. Of those respondents, 63% have more than 50 employees. 44% employ more than 100+. We targeted senior decision-makers at the level of VP, Director or Manager as well as CXOs and Founding Partners.

Summary of Our Key Findings

  • 70% of those respondents surveyed are using some form of Cloud Computing environment with a Hybrid Computing environment being the most common adaptation
  • 82% confessed that security remains the biggest concern of Cloud Computing
  • The most popular Cloud applications are CRM, productivity, and remote access applications to hosted IT Structures, such as ITAnywhereCloud®

Most notable in our research findings is that many respondents wonder if their company is fully integrating their systems properly in the Cloud. It’s something that companies of all sizes are focusing on in 2015 and beyond.

68% of the respondents we surveyed reported that productivity among staffers was trending upward directly related to Cloud Computing. The findings also revealed a stark shift in applications used among those companies which support a Cloud Computing environment. Among the top software products accessed are:

  • DaaS, VMWare and Desktone
  • Salesforce, Office365 and Google Apps
  • ITAnywhereCloud and External IT

Looking for more data insights and recommendations? Check the full report and share with your internal team members: