3 Great Tools for Remote PC Access

For more than a decade, IT professionals have used remote desktop software to repair and troubleshoot PCs from afar. This software enables tech personnel to deploy software and repair issues for field staff who are unable to visit the office. Over time, it has also emerged as a popular tool for Managed IT Services providers, who can remotely troubleshoot PCs for a wide range of clients located across the globe.

But remote desktop software’s usefulness goes beyond the workplace. Imagine being able to remote in and work on the laptop of a relative who is located across the country. Imagine being able to remote into your own PC while on the road to retrieve an important file. These popular tools can give you the power of an IT pro, whether you need it for work or personal use.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

This solution is popular for a fairly obvious reason: it’s built into the Windows operating system. By simply entering the workstation name of a PC connected to your network, you can control that device. However, Windows’ requirement that other PCs be on the network limits its usefulness. There is a workaround for this restriction, but it requires reconfiguring the router on the other end, and there are easier solutions.


Free for personal use, TeamViewer lets a user connect to another computer over the Internet. The computer on the other end is given a code that they then share with the user who will be remoting in.


The free version of LogMeIn allows users to connect to their own PCs to grab files, apps, and more. A central version of LogMeIn provides the ability to manage multiple computers at once, which allows for easy deployment of the same software to many PCs at the same time.

These remote desktop solutions give technology professionals and personal users the ability to manage a computer without being directly in front of it. This saves time and travel expenses, while freeing up IT pros to take care of other tasks.