3 Ways an Intranet Can Help Your Small Business

Intranets have traditionally been tools used by large companies as a way to communicate with employees. But services like Sharepoint have enabled businesses of all sizes to deploy their own internal communication systems. These services even provide a social media element to the experience, allowing for easy collaboration on projects. If your business hasn’t investigated the possibility of setting up an Intranet, here are a few reasons an Intranet is a wise investment.

Send Company-Wide Messages

Whether your business consists of 10 people working in the same office or 50 spread across the state, an Intranet is a great way to easily deploy information. With one post, you can let employees know about a major policy change or an upcoming special event. While this information could be sent through e-mail, the Intranet format can enable employees to comment or RSVP. Business owners can also link to invitations and provide registration forms.

Provide a Central Meeting Place

Your Intranet can also be set up to allow for easy collaboration between team members. Workers can upload files, provide brief status updates, and communicate with each other to help move projects along. Make sure your Cloud hosting provider provides sufficient space for storing large files for the duration of the project.

Offer Information

Where do your employees go to find your company dress code? How do they find and complete a vacation request? An Intranet can provide a central site where workers can get this information without having to repeatedly e-mail someone for it. You could include your business plan, information about your mission statement, and detailed information about each of the important players in your organization–all without making this information publicly accessible.

Packaged Intranet solutions make it easier than ever to deploy and maintain a small business Intranet. Your Intranet will help your workers communicate and collaborate more efficiently, ensuring projects stay on target even while team members are traveling or working from home.