Does Your Business Need an Intranet?

Intranets are no longer reserved for larger businesses, with an increasing number of apps available to make the process easier. Rather than hiring a programmer who charges an hourly rate, businesses can pay a small monthly fee to a third-party provider and have an intranet that can be accessed from anywhere.

What is an Intranet?

Traditionally, an intranet was a website set up for use only inside an organization. Often its format was similar to a website, serving more as a way to provide information to staff than a way to encourage workers to communicate with each other.

As social media has become more popular, intranets have evolved to mimic the format. Workers can post status updates, administrative staff can broadcast announcements, and team members can share files to help move projects along. After a work party, pictures can be posted to the page and instantly shared with the entire workforce at an organization, rather than having to be e-mailed around.

What Solutions Are Available?

There are so many applications on the market today, businesses can easily choose the best app for them. Podio is a solution that lets businesses easily create an intranet that fits their organization’s needs. The app is free for up to five users. For Salesforce users, the app’s WaterCooler may be enough to encourage communication and collaboration. These apps are accessible through any internet-connected device, which means workers can participate from home or on the road using a smartphone or tablet.

Intranets are ideal for businesses that regularly have a need for employees to communicate with each other. It can offer a time-saving solution to businesses, since it replaces mass e-mails and phone calls. One news item can be communicated enterprise wide in just a few minutes. But as your business implements an intranet, you’ll likely find that the biggest challenge is encouraging employees to check it each day.