Introducing Unigma

Introducing Unigma – Unified Cloud Monitoring Built For IT Service Providers

Where is your IT going? To the cloud, of course! We have been hearing about cloud computing and the benefits – elastic, on demand usage and cost, instant scalability, stability and ability to recover quickly (the list goes on…), and if we look at the numbers provided by Gartner, we are seeing a clear trend:

  • 37% of SMBs are currently utilizing a cloud service
  • By 2020, that number will be 78%
  • 18% of companies under 100 employees are using a hybrid cloud
  • US SMB cloud computing expenditures compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is 40%
  • Many of these companies’ cloud provider is their IT department has been a long time believer – we became one of Amazon Web Services earliest partners, and established ITAnyWhere Cloud hosted virtual desktops in 2009. We always talk to our customers about the benefits of cloud computing, and put together scenarios that include cloud-only, hybrid and on-premise infrastructures.

Today, I would like to introduce Unigma – a one of a kind tool built specifically for IT service providers. Unigma’s mission is to enable IT companies to extend their reach further into the cloud, and provide their customers a deeper, more holistic set of services. We have partnered with top IaaS cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google CE (coming soon) to give IT service providers the tools they need to monitor, manage and report on their customers’ clouds, from a single pane of glass.

The cloud revolution is continuing, and now with Unigma, we can help speed it up.