OWA 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2010 new Outlook Web Access (OWA) features will surely make the latest installment of OWA a more appealing way for users to access their email. OWA packs new features such as :

Side-by-side comparison of calendars:  You can now open up a shared calendar and view it right next to your own calendar. This makes It easier to compare and coordinate schedules.

Ability to attach messages to messages: This is a nice feature especially useful if you are concerned about a message and would like an administrator to look at the message prior to opening.

Access to mailbox archives: Allows users to access archived mailboxes from within the OWA interface so you can view your archived messages no matter where you are.

Support for multiple browsers such as Firefox and Safari: OWA fully support Safari and Firefox to get the OWA premium experience.                             

This newest installment of OWA has some out there believing that you could use this as a full time mail client. I wouldn’t go that far but it seems like a huge improvement over its predecessors. As Microsoft continues to move into the cloud concept, I believe you will start seeing more and more people switch to OWA as their go to mail client.