Rumor Mill: Sprint to Challenge Google Wallet

To round out this week’s trip to the rumor mill, we should talk about Sprint’s rumored move to create its own app called Touch to replace Google Wallet.  The site Android Central managed to obtain supposed slides about the product.  They detail how Sprint may have made business alliances with companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks.  The security on the app was shown to be very much like Sprint’s current smart-pay system, Google Wallet.  Users enter in a four digit passcode and after the transaction the app automatically locks.

Two questions pop up: what bank(s) will back this app and if the rumor is true, what will happen to Google Wallet?  Even if Sprint decides to muscle out Google, it’ll still have to depend on its Android Platform.  It’s also interesting to muse about why this move is needed.  Though it’s true that the other mobile carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile pooled their efforts to create their own payment system deemed ISIS, why does the smallest carrier Sprint need to make a move in this space?  Why shouldn’t they foster stronger ties with Google?  Will there be any antagonism between the two?  So many questions.  But then again, before you go bugging your IT specialist, best wait and see.  It’s still just a rumor.