3 Software Solutions to Help with Your E-Mail Marketing

Whether your business has its data hosted on site or is working with a managed IT services provider, chances are you regularly have the need to deploy e-mail marketing campaigns. When done correctly, these campaigns can reach thousands of customers at once, increasing click-thrus to your site and walk-in traffic to your stores.

Before you assume only big companies with large marketing teams can afford to deploy large-scale e-mail campaigns, take a look at some solutions that help you create and manage successful e-mail blasts to your customer base. You may be surprised to learn that larger companies use these solutions, too.


The free version of MailChimp allows businesses to send up to 12,000 e-mails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers. To add more e-mails or subscriptions, users can upgrade to an account with unlimited messages included. Pricing is based on the number of subscribers the business has. With MailChimp, a business can create HTML or plain text e-mails and newsletters that are customized to each recipient. Results can be tracked for free.


Like MailChimp, SendBlaster features a limited version for free. This free version includes up to two simultaneous connections and the ability to send to up to 100 recipients at one time. If a marketer has extra time, this might be the plan to choose, since e-mails can be sent to as many recipients as you need as long as you send them in sections. For unlimited simultaneous e-mail deployments, users can upgrade to the paid version.

Constant Contact

This popular solution comes with a free trial. After that, prices begin at $15 per month. The solution offers drag-and-drop editing within its templates, making it easy to use. It also integrates with social media to help broaden a campaign’s reach.

These solutions take some of the work out of managing an e-mail campaign, helping provide real results in a small amount of time. By choosing the option they can afford, businesses can ensure long-term success with each of its campaigns.