Succeeding with cloud for SMBs

Succeeding with cloud for SMBs

If you are a business professional, you must have heard the buzz about cloud computing. In 2014, cloud is finally coming of age for small businesses, and there is an opportunity for you to improve operational efficiency and save costs for your company.

If your organization has fewer than 100 employees, don’t miss the webinar. You will learn:

– How cloud computing costs compare to on-premise infrastructure for a typical small business.
– What kind of operational benefits cloud computing can offer you.

Time: 26 February, 2014
2 – 3 PM
Registration Closed

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How To Build Your E-mail List

We’ve covered how to build an auto-responder for your business account.  But then the question hit us: where are you get all those e-mails?

1. Writing free e-zine and blog articles

Contrary to popular belief, people are reading more than ever nowadays.  Submitting an article to somewhere like Go Articles is a quick way to increase exposure.  Keeping up a blog and sending out articles on a regular basis helps a business appear current and stay in shape SEO wise.

2. Using Social Media

It is often said that social media is over-hyped.  However, it’s all about how you use it.  For example, answering questions on a LinkedIn group can help both break the ice and show how useful you and your product are.  Posting questions on forums can also include a link to page to sign up for your e-mail list.  People are always more willing to give something if they get something in return including good honest knowledge.

3. Creating Online Webinars

A webinar has a dual purpose.  Using tools like LinkedIn and other social media sites, you can get people to sign up and finally put a face to the company.  Services like GoToWebinar also allow you to record your session to use for later content.  Of course directly interfacing with your customers is always a good thing.

For more information on using technology to your advantage go here.