The Lawsuits Never Fall Far From the Tree

Apple is once again facing a lawsuit over a patent violation.  This time it’s over noise reduction technology.  The company Noise Free Wireless, based out of Silicon Valley, claimed that it presented its technology to reduce wind interference during cellphone transmission.  Patent number 7,742,790 was awarded to Noise Free Wireless in June 2010.  However, in 2007, they had confidential meetings with Apple in which they claim that the technology was appropriated and reviewed.

Apple decided to go with another company, Audience.  Where it gets interesting is that Apple filed an application for a patent involving environmental noise cancelling technology in June of 2010.  That’s where the lawsuit began.

Apple is a tech giant, the biggest in the world.  Their IT department must be massive.  Their whole company is worth about 600 billion dollars.  A large portion of that is from the 127 billion that they made in sales in 2011.  Those sales are derived from the fact that Apple is often on the ball when it comes to consumer friendly products.  They charger more than their competitors for their stuff, just look at any laptop they produce.  Apple can do that because they have exclusive contracts for their proprietary technology.  Once they start to lose that grip, their competitors will make comparable products for cheaper, undercutting Apple’s market share.  That’s why a case about something as small as noise reduction technology is so important to Apple.  I mean, who makes calls with their cellphone anymore?