TV Producer’s App May Help You Manage Phone Calls

phonesAs executive producer of one of the most successful vampire shows on TV, Gregg Fienberg’s incoming phone calls likely rival the busiest CEO’s. But when he isn’t overseeing production of the HBO show True Blood, Fienberg is working hard to promote his new cloud-based call management app.

Managed IT Services providers have seen an increased demand for solutions that help businesses manage the overabundance of incoming calls each day. Through utilizing the cloud, businesses can route phone calls through a number of services that eliminate the need for a dedicated receptionist. Fienberg’s solution is aimed at professionals who regularly deal with a large volume of phone calls.

Call Management

CallPlease is an advanced call log, organizing calls for everyone from sole proprietors to large businesses with multiple managers and assistants. Employees can be added as needed, with separate call logs set up for multiple people within a business.

The app was borne out of frustration. As Fienberg told Office Dynamics International, while on location he was challenged to keep up with the influx of calls, text messages, and paper-based notes. He and his assistant, Gabe, searched online for a solution for message management and found nothing of the kind existed. So he created his own. Soon, his colleagues in Hollywood were using the app and it began to take off.

No More Searching

Instead of wasting valuable time scrolling through call logs or text messages to find crucial information, users need only scan the call log. Employees and their chosen assistants can further manage the process to attach notes about a particular call or text message to that message. This puts all necessary information where a user needs it, helping avoid missed phone calls and opportunities.

Best of all, calls can be made directly from the app. All information is synced across a user’s mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, to make it available from anywhere.