Why scale management will grow your business in 2015

Think about your business. Is it scaled to grow exponentially? Or are you tethered to outdated server networks and access gateways that do not support growth?

It’s a question on the minds of many CTOs and IT Managers. But why scale your IT?

Scalability comes in two forms:

  • Vertical scale adds more technology enhancements to increase productivity of your data network.
  • Horizontal scale includes upgrading your hardware.

Which benefits your organization the most? Vertical. The reasons are obvious such as developing an Enterprise Cloud formula to support your users. Don’t forget as your business grows, the demand to increase not only productivity but also simplify complex infrastructures which support your staff. Ones such as:

  • Advanced data management.
  • Higher grades of security encryption.
  • Local and offsite access to your networks.

Something we’re asked by companies is how they can improve their management of storage demand. Face it. Ten years ago a server providing 10 Gigabytes of storage were ideal for small-to-medium size companies. Not anymore.

Data networks grow quickly requiring your network to adjust to demand needs in performance. However, as your organization develops new products and services, the one element critical to protecting your digital assets is iron-clad security.

Security and Scale

IT experts across all sectors all agree that the advancement of cyber threats and hackers is proliferating far faster than many companies realize. The days of protecting your networks with traditional gateways such as firewalls and VPN protocols no longer provide you with the needed security to thwart and detect these types of intrusions.

For instance, we recommend you consider scaling your security to include the following:

  • Host-based intrusion safeguards.
  • Log management and reporting.
  • Security information event management (SIEM).

Although we help companies migrate their networks to the Cloud, some require parts of their infrastructures to remain off-cloud for internal reasons. In these types of scale projects, we recommend you integrate your managed environments with SaaS or self-hosted application infrastructure solutions.

Scale Planning

No two companies are alike. Therefore, it’s wise to evaluate your technology needs to develop a 12-24 month scale plan. But don’t make the mistake of ignoring the key element: your users. How they interact with your network and software will impact your scale planning.

Lastly, if you haven’t considered merging your network into an Enterprise Cloud, it’s your best first step. Cloud access empowers your staff to not only have unlimited access to business documents and data but also provide access to third-party vendors to troubleshoot your technology problems.