How 10-Core Processors will Change the Face of Business

The announcement that Intel and AMD were debuting 10-core processors was met with excitement from the IT industry. But the general population shrugged it off, assuming it wouldn’t mean much until time to buy a new PC. What many businesses don’t realize, however, is that AMD processors relate more to how technology functions as a whole, powering the servers that run a business’s applications and house vital data.

Since many businesses now rely on Cloud services, this means the improvement may be felt much sooner, since managed service providers know the importance of running the latest technology at all times. Intel’s and AMD’s 10-core processors will be initially targeted at high-end data centers that house massive databases, addressing the current need that has resulted from an increasing reliance on Big Data and more demanding applications and databases.

But for end users, the question is whether or not this power will be harnessed in the devices they use every day. While 10-core processors promise dynamic power adjustment to reduce power consumption in data centers, multiple-core processors have traditionally been problematic for devices relying on battery power. But Intel has dedicated itself to finding a way to provide power in mobile devices without draining those devices’ batteries. Intel envisions a multi-core mobile chip that will divide the work among each core to improve energy efficiency.

Despite the emergence of mobile devices, however, many businesses are still running desktop and laptop PCs, making the next logical question, “Are 10-core processors for us?” As Intel’s E7 processor becomes an option for businesses, the extra expense will likely only be necessary for those workers conducting high-end tasks, such as extracting statistical data and developing software applications.

But many businesses will not know how 10-core processors have directly impacted the work they do every day. The Cloud-based services they access, the statistical data they rely on to make decisions, and the website they present to the world will all eventually be powered by 10-core technology that provides reliable, lightning-fast access to improve operations.