3 reasons to choose private clouds over public clouds

3 reasons to choose private clouds over public clouds

The rise of private clouds has proven to be a game changer for the cloud market. When cloud solutions were becoming popular, most companies went with public clouds because it was the only viable option for them beyond private servers. Private clouds combine the best of both worlds; they offer the flexibility and security of clouds, while providing the privacy of private servers. Here are some of the biggest reasons why private clouds can be much better than public clouds for enterprises.


You will have full control of the private cloud. When you use a public cloud your data and services are dependent on someone else and in control of someone else. Any vendor you are using can make changes to your setup or processes. Private clouds are fully under your control. You can do whatever you want with them without needing permission from anyone. No one else can shut down your cloud services either.

Tailored according to your needs

With public clouds you are stuck with the options that are available to you. If none of the available public cloud packages are a good fit for your company there’s nothing you can do about it. This ‘off the shelf’ approach doesn’t work well with many enterprises. With private clouds you can have the solution be as customized as you want. You can change each and every design and functionality in the private cloud. Every company is different and has different requirements. The ‘one size fits all’ approach of public clouds just doesn’t work for many companies.

Data Security

The data security policies and regulations for many companies do not allow them to use public clouds. You cannot guarantee that your data will not be accessed by someone else if it is in a public cloud. With a private cloud you can be sure that only the people you allow access to will ever be able to access your server. There are many companies that deal with medical information covered under HIPAA or in the financial industry where data security is of paramount importance. For such companies it is better to have a private cloud solution built from the scratch with all the compliance requirements in mind.


There are many other reasons that companies prefer private clouds. Another reason is that with private clouds you also control what happens when the cloud stops working. AWS has been attacked and any other similar attack can easily take down thousands of websites that use AWS or any similar solution. With a private cloud you are in charge of getting the problem solved. You can focus on the server and get it fixed instantly; when you are on a public cloud you are at the mercy of the cloud host when it comes to such fixes. Private clouds have also become much more affordable recently which has further increased their demand. Many companies are also going for a hybrid cloud system that combines private and public crowds.