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Machine Learning: A.I. That Works

A.I. has been around for a long long time, but where does it stand now? Is it dangerous? What exactly is it and why do we need it? A Bit of History on A.I. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is found in stories and literature since ancient times. It had become more and more present […]

The Rapid Rise of Blockchain Technology and the Implications for the Near Future of Mankind

An Introduction to the Subject of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology If you google Ethereum, Blockchain or Bitcoin, you will see estimates from so-called experts, ranging from the pessimistic: “It’s a bubble, it will crash, everyone run!” to the optimistic: “In 10 years one Bitcoin will be worth 2 million $.” It is imperative to place […]

#techfacts: 10 even more curious technology facts you should know

We are happy to continue our #techfacts series with 10 more curious technology facts we definitely think you should know. Why? Because they reflect the power of evolution, and are a constant reminder that technology evolves rapidly and we could miss essential advancements in a blink of an eye. Are you connected to technology as […]

Social Media Advertising – Tips & Tricks to be Successful

Social Media Advertising is the most popular way nowadays to boost the awareness of your products and services, as well as generating leads and increase sales. However, if you do not have a Social Media expert running your campaigns yet, you might not get the ROI you were expecting. Below we have listed great tips […]

The advantages of working with an MSP

If you are considering externalizing your IT needs to an IT Support company, mainly an MSP (Managed Services Provider), you should know that there are many advantages to such a move. You have a marketing department, a sales department, as well as a product development one, and in each there are experts handling the day […]

E-mail Marketing – Tips & Tricks for Better Results

E-mail marketing is nowadays an essential part of any marketing campaign. Regardless of the type of activity you run with your business, e-mail newsletters have proven to not only increase your website traffic, but to also warm up leads, and generate direct sales. However, as with any activity, you must ensure that you are doing […]

How to stay safe from ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a serious threat. Only last week nearly 200.000 systems were affected in one of the most brutal attacks in the recent years. Regardless of the type of data you use, or type of company you are part of, you can be affected, and your data can be lost in a few seconds. The […]

The Best Free Antivirus You Need Today

When it comes to enterprise security, it is necessary to safeguard your office network and devices with the most sophisticated anti-virus applications possible. However, it isn’t necessary to make the same type of investment for personal computers, as there are many anti-virus applications available that work well, and are completely free to use. These anti-virus […]