3 Tips for Healthier PC Use

Eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and weight gain have all been blamed on the growing popularity of computers in our everyday lives. In fact, poor workplace ergonomics cost businesses $120 billion each year in lost productivity and other indirect costs. But if your business requires employees to sit in front of a computer each day, you may feel your hands are tied. You need employees to stare at a computer monitor all day and type on a keyboard.

There are a few things you, both as an employer and a worker, can do to keep yourself and everyone in your organization as healthy as possible. Below are three ways you can improve ergonomics in your workplace.

Reduce Eye Strain

Computer Vision Syndrome has gotten quite a bit of press in the past week, reminding all of us of the fact that our eyes weren’t meant to stare at a liquid crystal display all day. Experts recommend reducing glare as much as possible, reminding ourselves to blink more frequently, and remembering the 20-20-20 rule. That rule states that every 20 minutes you should focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Prevent Repetitive Stress Injury

Any worker who is required to conduct repetitive activities should take regular breaks. Replacing standard equipment and furniture with more ergonomically-friendly versions of the same items can make a big difference in reducing injuries.

Encourage Activity

Sitting for hours at a time is bad for workers, especially when the job requires sitting in the same position all day, as is the case with workers who type on a keyboard for hours at a time. Adjustable workstations that allow a combination of sitting and standing are an option for new offices, but replacing desks can be expensive for existing businesses. Experts recommend encouraging activity in the workplace during breaks can help offset the effects of sitting all day.

For any business, the health of its workers is important to the health of the organization as a whole. By encouraging workplace ergonomics for those employees required to sit at a PC all day, business owners will not only ensure workers stay healthy, but will also show employees they care.