How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Can Help Your Business

Businesses are currently caught in the middle of a transition. Most industries are seeing a gradual shift toward Cloud services, but many businesses still run at last part of their operations from desktop PCs connected to on-site servers. One major problem with that old-style way of doing business is that when something goes wrong, you have to pay someone to fix it. Another problem is that you have to constantly update both hardware and software to keep up with current technology.

Virtual Desktops

Through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), businesses can eliminate the need to pay desktop support personnel when a problem arises. A user’s entire operating system is stored in the Cloud, allowing them to access it from anywhere, using any device. As mobile devices continue to redefine the concept of working, VDI is becoming increasingly more attractive.

Until recently, cost was a huge inhibitor of moving to VDI, especially for larger organizations. But service providers know that VDI has the potential to change technology forever and, as a result, are racing to be the first to create an affordable solution suitable for mass consumption.

Amazon Workspaces

One of the first affordable solutions to hit the market is Amazon’s new Workspaces offering. Priced as low as $35 a month for a standard plan, Amazon Workspaces sets aside a chunk of space on its server for each user. By logging into this space, users have access to a Windows 7-based operating system that includes basic operating system software, along with the software specified by the business.

By locating each user’s desktop in the Cloud, Amazon creates a work area that can be accessed whether a user is on the road, at home, or in the office. Users connect to their server space through their Managed AWS provider through a tablet, desktop, or laptop and all applications remain the same regardless of the device.

While VDI still has a long way to go before widespread adoption, Amazon is getting a jumpstart on the competition by pricing its product within reach of the average business. The promise of a higher ROI will be more likely to attract more businesses.