3 Ways the Cloud Can Help Disaster-Proof Your Business

disasterIt can happen to any business. Without warning, a natural disaster can wipe out an entire office building overnight, leaving professionals without the phones, computers, and paperwork they need to do their jobs. More than 43 percent of businesses hit by a natural disaster will never reopen and another 29 percent will close within a year.

By switching to a Cloud Hosting model, businesses can begin the process of putting data safely on an offsite server. This will ensure if the worst does happen, the business will be impacted as little as possible. Here are three major ways cloud hosting protects your business.

Data Security

Because data centers are located far away from a business’s center of operations, the same natural disaster that impacts an office building won’t affect its data. Additionally, cloud hosting providers usually have offsite backups in place that ensure even if something happens to one data center, data is safely backed up elsewhere.

Anywhere Access

One of the biggest benefits to cloud hosting during a disaster is that workers can access information from anywhere. Displaced employees can log in from home or a temporary office and have the business up and running immediately, responding to emails and doing the same work they would have done in the office.

No Downtime

In addition to being able to access data anywhere, businesses that have chosen cloud-hosted phone services can begin answering phone calls at the designated start time, as early as seconds after a disaster has happened. Cloud phones can be transferred anywhere, allowing employees to answer phones as though they were in the office even when they aren’t. A business’s customers and clients won’t even realize a disaster has happened unless they see it on the news.

For any business, the idea of a disaster that shuts down operations is horrific. But, as history has proven, no business is immune from a catastrophe. Cloud hosting can help safeguard any organization in the event the unthinkable should occur.

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