3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Supplement Your Existing IT Department

Many businesses have assumed the choice to have on-site IT staff is all-or-nothing. Either businesses pay salaried employees to handle any issues that arise or they outsource operations to a business that provides IT services. But as Cloud computing has grown in recent years, businesses are realizing the benefits of a hybrid approach to fulfilling their IT needs. Existing IT staff can work with outsourced providers to enjoy the best of all possible technologies.

There are a few ways you can incorporate managed IT services into your existing break-fix model without creating panic among current technology staff. By emphasizing these benefits to everyone involved, you can begin a harmonious working relationship in which team members work together to help you reach your technology goals.

Working Together

Your IT support team has likely logged a fair share of hours taking care of your business’s equipment. These years of combined knowledge are vital to your company’s success. But a managed IT provider brings personnel who know the latest solutions, bringing in new concepts that can help your organization grow. By working as a team, business IT staff and managed IT staff can learn from one another, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to the benefit of the organization as a whole.

Pick and Choose

For organizations who have IT departments, day-to-day operations are progressing smoothly. But with IT staff often busy maintaining the current organizational structure, it can be difficult to implement the new processes that take a business to the next level. A managed IT provider can work on building new processes while salaried staff work at maintaining the current infrastructure. In order to do this, however, a business will need to take stock of current processes and determine areas that can be outsourced to a local or Cloud service provider.

Launch Short-Term Projects

Managed IT support providers have given businesses the ability to initiate new projects without hiring additional staff. For an application upgrade, new website deployment, or move to a new location, businesses can bring in short-term workers without making a long-term commitment to those workers. Once the project is over, operations resume as always until the next time additional IT staff is needed.

Managed IT providers can work as a great supplement to existing operations, providing businesses possibilities they never would have had a couple of decades ago.