5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

WordPress is a godsend for content managers, mostly known for its ease of use and for the many themes that allow you to change the visuals instantly, but the Plug-ins is where WordPress truly shines. The plug-ins allow you to add complex functionality to your website in an easy way. We have picked the 5 best WordPress plug-ins available. Make sure you use these on your WordPress website.


Jetpack is a fantastic plug-in. It is developed by WordPress itself and is highly recommended for anyone who wants more information about their website’s traffic. Jetpack provides you with the insights that you need to track and manage your websites growth. It also has many different security and content management tools that make WordPress even easier to manage.

W3 Total Cache

WordPress works mostly through dynamic pages. When a viewer clicks on a post the server readies up the page for them with the latest posts and updates. This is very taxing on your server since your server has to generate the page every single time. W3 Total Cache speeds up the process by generating static copies of your dynamic pages and delivering them to the viewer. The static cache updates every time you update your website so there is no risk of the viewers being shown outdated information. You will be surprised at how high of a performance bump this plug-in can provide.

Disqus Comment System

There’s a reason you keep seeing the Disqus comment section on so many websites; it is one of the best way to manage comments. WordPress’s own comment system is woefully inadequate and prone to spamming. Disqus provides a much needed alternative. You can easily manage comments, block users, and the plug-in is very adept at detecting and blocking spam comments.

Page Builder by Site Origin

This plug-in makes it even easier to build websites. One problem with many themes is that they are hard to change if you aren’t a developer. Page Builder changes that by allowing you to simply drag and drop website parts to design your website. It is very intuitive and very helpful if you want to build a website without learning how to code. It is also great for professionals who just want a quick fix and don’t want to spend half an hour coding something they can do in a few seconds with this plug-in.


WooCommerce makes it extremely easy to sell things online. This plug-in is very powerful and provides you with the tools needed to open up an e-store. The front-end of the plug-in is beautiful. Your users will get access to a fantastic user interface for your online shop. This plug-in truly shines for the developer/website manager though. You will be surprised at the ease with which you can manage all the products on your website. Definitely takes the difficulty out of running an online store.


There are many other fantastic WordPress plug-ins available through WordPress itself. Take a look at what’s popular and you will find many plug-ins that can help you out.