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What To Do After A Data Breach?

All organizations face the risk of a data breach because of a cyberattack or another type of security incident. Recovering from such an incident could be complicated, no matter how big or small your company is, especially if sensitive data is exposed. How To Respond To A Data Breach? If your business is the victim […]

How to create an incident response plan?

An incident response plan is a well-documented plan that includes a series of phases that helps IT security professionals recognize and properly react to cybersecurity incidents. According to Gartner, the SANS Institute (founded 1989) is one of the world’s premier cybersecurity training organizations. The SANS Institute methodology includes 6 incident response phases as follows: Preparation, […]

Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policies

What is Conditional Access? Azure Active Directory Conditional Access is a feature that helps businesses improve both cybersecurity and compliance. By applying such policies, organizations will refine the authentication process reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Usually, it is the legitimate account owner typing in the username and password pair. Once logged in, the user […]

Benefits Of Using A Password Manager

We all want our sensitive data to be protected, yet some users often rely on weak passwords because memorizing complex passwords is painful. This approach is dangerous. Unless you want to constantly safeguard a hard copy list of all your passwords, you should consider setting up a password manager. Such a solution can help you […]

How to mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack in 2022

As you probably know, malware is a malicious software (file or code) which can: lock a device or make it unusable; take control of certain devices to attack the organization; steal, delete, or encrypt sensitive data. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents the users from accessing their devices or certain files. Ransomware most […]

Managed Detection and Response

A Managed Detection and Response (MDR) security solution is a high-level 24/7/365 security control that includes a range of security activities including cloud-managed security for organizations that cannot maintain their own security operations center (SOC). MDR services combine threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and human expertise in incident investigation and response deployed at the host and […]

Windows 11: Performance, Security, Requirements

Beyond a reorganized start menu and a sleek taskbar, Windows 11 also offers several new features that will definitely catch the eye of the user. The newest version of the most popular operating system has been optimized for hybrid working, where employees split their working time between the office and home, with new options designed […]

Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is a complex endpoint security system that combines real-time monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities. The main functions of an EDR security solution are: To monitor and collect data from endpoints that could indicate a threat; To analyze this data to identify threat […]

Traditional Antivirus & Next-Generation Antivirus

Traditional antivirus solutions have obvious limitations, especially in a world of constantly evolving threats. Thanks to the power of AI and machine learning, next-gen antivirus is a brilliant way to overcome these limitations. Let’s find out what are the differences between the two. Traditional Antivirus Software The majority of antivirus (AV) or malware prevention solutions […]

The CMMC Domains

As mentioned in a previous blog, the CMMC program refers to a set of cybersecurity requirements certain organizations must obey to protect controlled unclassified information that is shared by the Department of Defense with its contractors and subcontractors. The extensive list of requirements, including those related to security awareness and training, are summarized below, grouped […]