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What’s different about Spear Phishing?

In the digital landscape spear phishing has been around for over 20 years, but for about 5 years it has attracted massive attention. Primarily using email to deliver its malicious payload, spear phishing is a very real and current threat to any business of any size basically because we all use at least one business […]

Mobile Security Suggestions for Employees

Nearly a decade after Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) entered the enterprise environment, cybersecurity leaders still strive to manage the risks. Employee‑owned devices were responsible for nearly 51% of corporate data breaches in 2017, according to AT&T. Like desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) must be secured appropriately to prevent leakage of user/business […]

How To Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular desktop internet browser in the world with a global market share of more than 70% in December 2018 according to Statista. Unlike other browsers, Chrome is a minimalist one, but its resizing performance and web page loading speed are usually superior. But, like any expandable browser that allows users […]

Why hosted virtual desktops?

More and more companies adopt virtual desktop solutions. This is a great way to achieve better network control and to improve your company-wide performance. As you probably know, with virtual desktop infrastructure, each individual user’s desktop environment is hosted by a remote-access server and not stored on the employee’s local machine. This enables organization-wide access […]

Microsoft Teams Vs. Skype For Business

Back in 2017, Microsoft revealed that they intend to make Microsoft Teams its primary communications platform for organizations, replacing Skype for Business over time. About Microsoft Teams Supporting Microsoft’s intelligent communications project, Teams is the nucleus of efficient teamwork, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, file sharing, storage etc. In case you are […]

SharePoint Online VS. On-premises & 2019 Version Review

The major difference between SharePoint Online and On-premises is that to run the on-premises version you’ll need an IT team to maintain the server, to install updates and patches. This means more people and hardware. With the online version your internal resources are reduced. There’s no new hardware to buy and maintain, which means your […]

What’s new in Office 2019?

Note: This update was designed for those of you (organizations and consumers) that haven’t opted for Microsoft’s Office 365 service with monthly feature updates. With Office 2019, Microsoft launches an enhanced roaming pencil case and ribbon customization across all Office applications. PowerPoint now includes scalable vector graphic (SVG) images and 3D model support, play video […]

What’s new in Microsoft Office & Windows 10?

Note: Microsoft has recently stated that Windows 10 is now installed on more than 700 million machines around the world. October 2018 Update If you already have Windows 10 and have automatic updates enabled, this update will be installed on your device when it’s ready. Here are the most recent updates. Your Phone app By […]