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MSP – Are you getting more than a helpdesk?

When a business is looking for assistance in managing their IT infrastructure, many times they realize it’s more cost effective to partner with a managed IT service provider. There are key aspects for a business to look for when selecting an IT provider, which goes well beyond simply a helpdesk to call when something breaks. […]

Microsoft Teams: Overview

Microsoft Teams combines meetings, calls, chat, and collaboration in one place, in addition it integrates with other popular apps (Jira, Trello, Evernote, GitHub etc.) and the rest of the Office 365 suite. What is Microsoft Teams? Teams is a collaboration tool designed to enable people to communicate with each other, share documents, add discussions, and […]

Key ways to reduce exposure to ransomware for SMBs

Ransomware is probably the largest security threat facing small and medium businesses. According to the 2019 Verizon Data breach Investigations Report, 28% of all data incidents were caused by malware infections, and ransomware attacks represented 24% of all malware breaches. Don’t Trust, Verify! Always be skeptical when spending time online, either when surfing the Internet […]

Work From Home Securely!

The Internet and progress in technology have made it possible for many users to carry out regular duties from home. Sadly, there is a downside, users are more exposed to cybersecurity threats while working remotely. Remote workers might have their sensitive data put at risk, but working from home could result in breaching company security […]

How It Works: DNS Filtering

There are certain organizations, mainly Internet Service Providers, that purchase hardware and software solutions that sit between users and the Internet. DNS filters allow users to filter out certain domains without having to purchase any hardware. Most corporate offices have firewalls that help protect the network, but what happens when an employee is working from home, […]

GSuite Back-Up and Recovery

There are users who believe Google Vault is THE solution for G Suite data backup and recovery, but is it? Firstly, what is Google Vault? Google Vault is a native GSuite application that allows organizations to archive data, implement retention rules, preserve users by placing legal holds, search the organization’s data using several search operators, […]

Microsoft Docs Login Form Phishing Scam: Overview

Phishing e-mail campaigns are used to steal sensitive data such as login information and usually their success depends on a user clicking a link which leads to a phishing website that looks like a regular login page. However, not all phishing campaigns use remote websites as we are about to see. Scammers continue to surprise […]