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Microsoft Teams Vs. Skype For Business

Back in 2017, Microsoft revealed that they intend to make Microsoft Teams its primary communications platform for organizations, replacing Skype for Business over time. About Microsoft Teams Supporting Microsoft’s intelligent communications project, Teams is the nucleus of efficient teamwork, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, file sharing, storage etc. In case you are […]

SharePoint Online VS. On-premises & 2019 Version Review

The major difference between SharePoint Online and On-premises is that to run the on-premises version you’ll need an IT team to maintain the server, to install updates and patches. This means more people and hardware. With the online version your internal resources are reduced. There’s no new hardware to buy and maintain, which means your […]

What’s new in Office 2019?

Note: This update was designed for those of you (organizations and consumers) that haven’t opted for Microsoft’s Office 365 service with monthly feature updates. With Office 2019, Microsoft launches an enhanced roaming pencil case and ribbon customization across all Office applications. PowerPoint now includes scalable vector graphic (SVG) images and 3D model support, play video […]

What’s new in Microsoft Office & Windows 10?

Note: Microsoft has recently stated that Windows 10 is now installed on more than 700 million machines around the world. October 2018 Update If you already have Windows 10 and have automatic updates enabled, this update will be installed on your device when it’s ready. Here are the most recent updates. Your Phone app By […]

OneDrive or SharePoint? Business perspective.

Microsoft’s cloud-based suite of programs is growing rapidly, and it includes several tools that have so much in common, yet there are so different because their design goals are divergent. Briefly, OneDrive is a cloud-based document/file storage platform, typically used by individuals, but also by teams who need a singular platform to store and access […]

Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic Manager is a sophisticated DNS-based traffic load balancer that enables its users to distribute world wide web traffic to services across all Azure regions, while providing high availability, performance and responsiveness. Traffic Manager works purely at DNS level. As a result, once Traffic Manager has performed its designated task, the user’s device can […]

Azure Information Protection: overview & features

Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a Microsoft cloud-based solution that helps organizations classify and protect their documents by specifying appropriate labels. Those can be applied automatically by administrators who define policies, based on relevant suggestions or manually by users. AIP simplifies data protection by offering a user-friendly solution, while enforcing certain policies and guidelines through […]

Proven tips to speed up Windows 10

We all know that Windows 10 is the fastest operating system ever released by Microsoft. But with day to day use, apps install/uninstall, incomplete update installations, system file corruption make the system slower. Besides, with every new release, Windows provides new features and updates that demand more system resources. These may increase resource consumption, generating […]