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How It Works: DNS Filtering

There are certain organizations, mainly Internet Service Providers, that purchase hardware and software solutions that sit between users and the Internet. DNS filters allow users to filter out certain domains without having to purchase any hardware. Most corporate offices have firewalls that help protect the network, but what happens when an employee is working from home, […]

GSuite Back-Up and Recovery

There are users who believe Google Vault is THE solution for G Suite data backup and recovery, but is it? Firstly, what is Google Vault? Google Vault is a native GSuite application that allows organizations to archive data, implement retention rules, preserve users by placing legal holds, search the organization’s data using several search operators, […]

Microsoft Docs Login Form Phishing Scam: Overview

Phishing e-mail campaigns are used to steal sensitive data such as login information and usually their success depends on a user clicking a link which leads to a phishing website that looks like a regular login page. However, not all phishing campaigns use remote websites as we are about to see. Scammers continue to surprise […]

Few Reasons Why 24×7 Network & Server Support Is Mandatory

Imagine what happens if your organization’s network or server(s) suddenly goes down one night? In case you didn’t plan something, there are two scenarios: either incredibly high over-time costs or solving the issue/s during the workday. Having 24×7 monitoring of your network and server(s) will ensure that your organization can keep working around-the-clock and that […]

Why Businesses Need to Create a Risk Profile to Prevent Cyberattacks

Think about the last time you were afraid of something. Did you approach the situation rationally? If so, you’re in the minority. Most people are terrible at being rational when afraid. And where cybersecurity is concerned, that’s exactly what criminals are counting on.  In 2018, the Data Science Institute at Columbia found that surgeons under […]

Why is backing up Office 365 important?

Businesses are relying on Office365 With the rapid adoption of Office 365 in small and medium businesses, data being stored in the cloud is quickly increasing.  From emails, contacts, and files via OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, small and medium businesses are relying on Office 365 more and more.  Many businesses feel if their data […]

Ways to protect your digital privacy

According to Gartner.com, by 2020, there will be an estimated 24 billion internet-connected devices globally. Most of the incidents and data breaches confirm that hackers use techniques that exploit vulnerabilities in both applications and users. Technology alone can’t protect your privacy. NOTE: According to their latest Data Breach Investigations Report, published by Verizon, 43% of […]