Cloud Will Be the Norm by 2020

cloud2As businesses continue to hear about the many benefits of cloud hosting for applications and files, they constantly seek to learn how many other businesses are adopting the technology. While the business world currently operates in a stage between complete cloud connectivity and on-site applications and servers, this is rapidly changing.

The Growth of the Cloud

A new report from Emergent research states that the number of businesses using cloud computing will likely double within the next six years, going from only 37 percent to an astounding 80 percent. This means that by the year 2020, those few businesses not using the technology will be by far in the minority, leaving them looking outdated by comparison.

This likely means that these few businesses will have a difficult time competing in the new cloud-dominated environment. From the largest corporations to the smallest, accessing files, websites, and apps on third-party servers for a monthly fee will be more affordable than on-site options. Additionally, these services will mean businesses of all sizes will be able to accomplish more with less using cloud technology.

Cloud in Part or Whole

Very few players aren’t using some form of the cloud for daily operations, whether it’s for HR, budgeting, or accessing email. Although some businesses may have priced solutions and found that on-premises was more affordable at this time, in the coming years, businesses will rapidly begin to find that is changing. Purchasing and maintaining equipment, in addition to employing staff to support software and hardware, will increasingly be seen as a burden.

For the many businesses considering cloud computing, now is the time to start making the shift. By beginning to replace your current applications and file storage to cloud service providers, you’ll be positioned to remain competitive as the rest of the world begins to realize how valuable cloud technology is.

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