Using Business Apps? iOS Still Offers the Best Selection

appsBusinesses are always faced with choices when it comes to their smartphones and tablets. While there are many variations, these devices all rely on a core group of mobile operating systems. Because of this, professionals are frequently required to choose between devices powered by iOS, Windows, Android, or BlackBerry O/S.

The software that makes these devices useful for work-related applications is integral to their usability. If a company needs to run Salesforce mobile, for instance, that business must first ensure the Salesforce mobile app runs on the chosen mobile operating system. Increasingly, application compatibility drives a business’s choice as it shops for devices.

The iOS Advantage

For a time, BlackBerry was the preferred device for enterprises, since its easy-to-use email features made it business-friendly. But in recent years, apps have taken over, leading to a growing trend toward iPhones and iPads. According to a report from Good Technology, iOS holds 88 percent of the enterprise app market, thanks to applications developers who design for the popular operating system.

The business popularity of iOS is demonstrated in tablet purchases, with iPads comprising 90 percent of all business applications. The report stated iPads as having the most significant impact on conventional PCs in the business environment. This move toward iPads is changing the way business is conducted in various industries, the report said.

Your Choice

Does that mean you should completely toss Android- or Windows-based devices aside? Not at all. Before purchasing new devices for your business, make an inventory of all of the applications your workers will need. You may find your own organization uses applications that are only available on Android or Blackberry.

Keep in mind, though, that over the next few years, new applications will emerge that you’ll want to add to your suite of productivity tools. Choosing an operating system that has a wealth of apps available may be the best way to position yourself for the future.