Could a Cloud Software Provider Power Your Next Conference?

rsz_conferenceConferences are a big part of doing business today, providing networking and educational opportunities to businesses in every industry. But technology is changing the way these events unfold, as event planners seek to take advantage of the fact that most attendees are now armed with mobile devices. From IT support to event planning, these mobile apps can make a business’s next conference move more smoothly.

Registration and Ticketing

The first step in implementing any event is planning. Apps like cvent can help, offering attendees the opportunity to find events and purchase tickets using a mobile device. Businesses can, in turn, track attendance and monitor an events success through data analytics and reporting. EventCheckIn is another event that helps in kicking off an event, allowing attendees to check in to the event using an iPad.

Agendas and Maps

Events can now be paperless with apps like DoubleDutch. Using the mobile app, attendees can access agendas and detailed information about sessions, take surveys, and network with others at the conference. EventMobi walks event planners through the process of creating an app specifically for their own events. Coordinators can even add fun games associated with the event, a private in-app chat, and more. Also, you can create your own event apps without coding. For that you can use Event Apps Builder from AppInstitute by following few simple steps.

Event Social Media

Anyone who has attended a conference in the past couple of years likely knows how much social media now plays a part. Bizzabo adds social marketing tools to the event app experience, allowing attendees to easily blast social media updates to thousands of followers. The app integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for easy posting. For businesses seeking a way that attendees can communicate only with each other, GenieConnect is a great solution. The app provides profiles of those in attendance to allow professionals to learn more about those around them. The result is a more collaborative meeting experience that helps everyone get more out of events.

These apps help ease the process of planning and managing a large meeting, removing old, paper-based solutions and replacing them with tools that take conferences to the next level. Attendees will remember events long after they’re over, increasing the chance that they’ll not only return next year, but they’ll tell others about them.