Cybercriminals target SMBs

Why cybercriminals target SMBs even more this year?

Major breaches always make the headlines, but there are increasingly more breaches that won’t make the headlines, and those are cyberattacks that target small and medium organizations.

Expectedly, large companies have the resources to implement complex IT security solutions, monitoring systems and high-tech equipment. Unfortunately for SMBs, the consequences of a breach can be severe because they are less able to handle the costs and damage.

Small businesses are vulnerable because they often do not have the budget for security measures and sometimes don’t understand the risk they face. Also, many small businesses overlook the value of the information they store, wrongly believing it to be of little interest to anyone.

Here are the main reasons why hackers prefer small organizations even more in 2021:

Untrained Staff

This is the most vulnerable and overlooked area for SMBs, especially in the pandemic when some industries were deeply affected, budgets were cut, people were laid off, etc.

However, some of the biggest hacks we have ever seen were not the result of expert hackers infiltrating complex security systems. Surprisingly, the cybercriminals simply tricked employees into handing over their sensitive information.

NOTE: According to a survey conducted by ConnectWise in 2020, over half of SMBs surveyed (57%) report lacking cybersecurity experts in their organization and 52% agree they lack the in-house skills necessary to properly deal with IT security issues.

There are often signs of social engineering and phishing attempts, but many people are not prepared to spot them. A little cybersecurity training can go a long way in keeping your organization safe.

At StratusPoinIT, we provide access to training videos and newsletters focused on numerous IT areas, we create and run phishing simulations to test your employees’ awareness to potentially harmful emails, from who opened, clicked, entered credentials, etc.

Lack of Cybersecurity Systems

Since the pandemic started, transactions, communications, data storage, etc. have taken an even more drastic shift into the cyber world, and hackers have taken notice.

It is time for businesses to react accordingly. Every small business should invest in a secure cyber environment. Without one, you expose your business to a huge risk.

So, consider improving the security of all the vulnerable connected elements such as: workstations, mobile devices, servers, and networks.

At StratusPointIT, we scan, analyze, and remediate network vulnerabilities. We ensure you have leading business-class firewalls installed with proper security controls, log-based intrusion detection supported by a Security Operations Center (SOC), active-device monitoring and alerting, etc.

Unsecured Accounts

In 2021, the email service remains a common way of spreading malware, and with more of us working from home, the risks are higher now. Therefore, you should implement an email protection solution to help your business and employees defend against the latest threats, from spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation, and other targeted attacks.

NOTE: When setting up your passwords, do not use personal information or predictable combinations.

Passwords should not be the only line of defense especially for key accounts. Always enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) when possible. Even if your password is compromised, cybercriminals will have another, much more difficult defense line to breach.

No Action Plan

While hackers might not know whether you have a cybersecurity plan in place or not, they will find out soon enough.

Here are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself in the unfortunate event of a cyberattack:

How will you know your organization is being hacked?

How will you respond to your customers if their information is compromised?

Will you shut down your entire network if you discover a breach?

How will you mitigate the impact of a cyberattack?

Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a managed IT provider that bridges infrastructure and security services to provide you a complete solution and get your cybersecurity plan in place.

Insufficient Upkeep

Even if you install the latest and most effective cybersecurity system and train all your employees to spot phishing attempts, you are only covered for a limited amount of time.

Hackers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities. Therefore, organizations should constantly train their staff and keep their hardware and software up to date.

Final thoughts

Small businesses can be easy targets for cybercriminals in 2021. Any personably identifiable information like phone numbers, email addresses, or credit card details is valuable to hackers who can use it to commit frauds or sell it on the dark web. Don’t let that happen and make sure your business is protected.