Five Windows Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

When I’m on the computer I find nothing disrupts the flow of work faster than having to lift my hands off the keyboard to deal with a touch pad or mouse.  I’m sure you feel the same way.  Maybe that’s why in the movies they never touch a mouse when using a computer, or something like that.  So, here are a few short cuts in Windows that I hope will make your life easier.

1.       Alt+ Enter

After selecting a folder or icon, pressing alt+ enter will bring up all the properties of the selected item.  If you just want to change a files name, just hit F2 while it is selected

2.       Ctrl+ Up Arrow

Looking to move quickly through a wordy document?  Pressing Ctrl and the up arrow will move the insertion point (the blinking bar) to the pervious paragraph.  Using the down arrow will subsequently move you to the next paragraph.  Also, using the right and left arrows with move you from word to word.

3.       Hold Shift while inserting a CD-ROM

Don’t want auto-play to activate?  Just hold down shift when placing a CD into your optical drive.

4.       Windows key+ M

Don’t want someone to see what you’re doing?  Try hitting the Windows key and M.  That will minimize all open windows.  Want to restore them all again?  Just hit Windows key, M, and Shift.

5.       Windows key+ E

This will open My Computer in an instant.  Doesn’t matter what window or program you have open.

I find the shortcuts above a real time saver.  Once you work them into your routines, I’m sure you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!