Knowing When To Fold ‘Em: Signs that you should end your IT project

Though fortitude is a virtue, so is knowing when to quit.  But how do you know when it’s a good time to end a project?  There are three signs that are harbingers of the end.

1.  No one above your pay grade has signed off on it

Even if you’ve got a great idea, it’s difficult to get a project off the ground when upper management hasn’t agreed to it.  Why is this important?  Well, rain comes from on high, funds come from there too.

 2.  Aiming Low

When the time comes to get off the ground, some projects have the barest of minimums.   When you aim low when starting a project the only place to adjust is on the ground.  Projects that aim a little higher tend to the ability to adapt to circumstance.  Morale is better managed if you tried for the stars, but only got to fly in the sky.

 3.  There is no plan B

There should always be a plan in case a project fails.  Not planning for the worst creates a situation in which there is no way to salvage a bad scenario.  Like before, after adjusting expectations and reevaluating what is possible with the resources at hand, you can create a more realistic project.  What would you rather have: 0 for 1 or 1 of 2?  One success or no success?

Small businesses thrive by succeeding, but they stay in business by not faltering.