Skype’s Manager Tool Is Here For You

Skype now launched a new business management tool in over 170 countries.  From Brazil to the US, administrators now have the power to allocate and oversee Skype subscriptions.  There are plenty of new features to consider.

Subscriptions can include the ability to make calls to land and mobile lines.  The advantage over other VoIP services is that you can pay based on a fixed location.  For example, unlimited calls between the US and the UK will cost about $7.14 a month.

You can further streamline usage by assigning privileges of who can call and how often.  That way, those who need to can call as much as they want while lower-level employees have restricted or denied access.

This Skype Manager tool has endless uses.  It can help bring a more solid company policy of sale pitch time limits, communications blackouts, or even just to redirect bandwidth to places you need.  The more you know the more effective it will be.  For more information about IT infrastructure management click here.