Using Mobile Devices? 3 Apps Your Business Needs for Tracking

cellphoneToday’s mobile professionals are increasingly mixing work and personal on the same devices. Whether it’s accessing personal email on work devices or using personal devices to respond to work emails, the line between work and personal has increasingly blurred in recent years. A study from PWC found that 63 percent of devices that access work servers are used both for work and personal, leaving server administrators and business owners in a quandary.

This mobile hybrid poses a security risk for organizations. One problem is that employees tend to expose corporate servers to the dangers of personal email. Employees may click on links or download apps that they would be shielded from in a corporate environment. This new development has administrators working hard to protect their infrastructure from ongoing dangers.

However, businesses still face danger from a second employee activity: misplaced devices. Since many of these devices now contain confidential corporate data, the cost of a lost or stolen cell phone extends far beyond equipment replacement. Here are three great apps that can help with device tracking.

Find My iPhone

A “Find” feature is built into the iOS, which means iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have access to automatic tracking. If a device is lost, iCloud members can simply log into their iCloud accounts or use the Find My iPhone app to locate the device. Using this feature, users can also lock the phone for use remotely and remote erase all data.

Android Device Manager

In competition with Apple, Google released its own Android Device Manager. Simply navigating to this link from any device shows a user all of his devices on a map after login. A user can even make his phone ring from the site, which is a handy tool to have during those times when a phone is lost somewhere in the house.

Windows Find My Phone

Included for free in the My Phone section of, Find My Phone can ring, lock, erase, or show your phone on a map from any device connected to the internet.