The Real Cost Of Not Moving To the Cloud

Cloud services are becoming a vital part of doing business in corporate America, with the majority of businesses reporting that they have been able to increase profits by utilizing cloud-based services. Most businesses use some form of cloud services today, often through some form of web-based software. But increasingly businesses are realizing the true value of moving their entire infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud ROI

In the whitepaper The Real Cost of Delaying Your Move to the Cloud, ITAnywhere outlines the true Return on Investment (ROI) that comes from transferring operations to a cloud services provider. By utilizing cloud hosted virtual desktops, businesses can cut costs in several major areas, including:

  • Equipment costs
  • IT staff time
  • Improved worker productivity

When a business contracts with a cloud services provider, technology-related matters are resolved by those who specialize in that area, which lets professionals refocus their attention to business process-related tasks. By doing this, a company will often experience a larger ROI due to the increase in business. Professionals will have more time to build relationships with existing clients and attract new business, for instance, which will in turn bring in more money over the course of a year.

Business Protection

The whitepaper also pointed out the security offered by professional cloud services. One disaster can devastate a business, creating outages that result in financial loss and customer impatience. Through working with a business that provides disaster recovery services, a business can safeguard itself both against daily data loss and disaster-related downtime.

The whitepaper points out the many ways businesses can save, as well as providing several tips for maximizing success while searching for the best provider. As more information emerges about the cost savings that can be achieved through cloud migration, more companies are expected to make the move, making cloud services a more achievable option for all.