Best Places to Find Beta Testers

If your business uses software to conduct any part of operations, chances are you’ve tried the technology out before putting it in place. But even if you have your trusted employees test out every facet of the new tech prior to roll-out, it’s impossible to catch every bug in a new system.

Beta testing is an important part of software development, whether that software is being used internally or is accessible to the public. For smaller businesses, however, new technology is deployed so infrequently, having a full staff of in-house beta testers isn’t a possibility. But failing to thoroughly test a new system before going live can have disastrous results.

Online Sources

Thankfully, businesses now have access to a global user base through the Internet. With just a few clicks of the mouse button, software developers and business owners can gather a group of beta testers who can help them work out bugs before introducing their software to end users.

UserTesting is one of the best places for businesses to find end users for an app. Whether your team is developing a software solution for customers or you’re trying out a piece of custom-designed software for use in your environment, with UserTesting, beta testers record video of themselves stepping through your app. They record their thoughts as they go, letting you know not only of any bugs, but also giving you insight into how others perceive the appearance and functionality of the software. For small businesses, prices start at $49 per participant with the option of testing your app on a PC or mobile device.

For businesses on a budget, beta testers can be found online. You could offer a reward, like a free first month’s membership, in exchange for feedback. Try posting with your social networks or through a site like Elance or ODesk to obtain beta testers for free or a couple of dollars per hour.

Beta testing is an important part of launching new technology. There are many options available for businesses. To get the best results, however, be sure you choose someone who has experience in providing feedback on software.

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  1. Emily says:

    Great advice! I wanted to pass along one additional resource. Companies can announce their beta tests on Betabound for free. Hope this helps someone out 🙂

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