Study Shows Customer Education Necessary to Managed Services Growth

surveyAs the use of managed IT services continues to invade every area of business, it’s important to closely monitor customer response. Since the practice is so new, both businesses and providers can learn from each success and failure, putting the information to use in future deployments.

A new study from IT industry association CompTIA found a high level of satisfaction among those who have adopted managed services. Yet slow growth in the sector indicates many customers fail to understand the many benefits. Only three in ten organizations have moved to managed services for their IT needs, despite its many benefits. Even gathering that information is challenging, however, since many customers are still unclear about the meaning of “managed services.”

The Realities

Results from survey participants who are using managed IT services show the cited benefits are real. 57 percent of those using managed IT services stated that cost savings was the top reason they chose these services. Many also mentioned that partnering with a talented provider means they’ll have access to new technologies as they become available.

Overall, the responses proved that once customers make the choice to go toward managed IT services, they’re happy with the results. The challenge is that many managers and business owners aren’t aware of the many features available with managed IT services. In fact, CompTIA’s report shows that many respondents are unable to differentiate between in-house IT services and those that would be facilitated by an outside services provider.

By continuing to get the word out about the many benefits of using managed IT services, providers can help businesses strengthen their technology usage without straining their budgets. Managed IT services often are more affordable and provide greater security and functionality than in-house IT departments, but it will take time for businesses across all industries to fully comprehend the difference.

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    Great post drafted in good manner and language. Those people who are not aware or are confused for managed services will get crystal clear picture about what exactly managed services are. And how it is beneficial economically and saves time also.

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