How Cloud Tools Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee

jobappHiring used to be a cumbersome process, involving stacks of paper resumes and hours of interviewing to narrow the choices. But thanks to modern technology, hiring has never been easier. Businesses have worked hard to create cloud-based tools that facilitate the process of finding, screening, and hiring candidates, even helping HR with the process of capturing new employee information for in-house databases.

Cloud-Based Job Announcements

Recruiting software starts by posting one job announcement to multiple job boards with one click. Each applicant is tracked within the system, allowing hiring managers to keep up with every conversation. Interviews can even be scheduled directly within the recruiting software, with templated emails provided to send one communication to many applicants at once.

Background Screening

The process of calling a candidate’s references can take hours, leading to mixed results. Cloud software automates the process of screening all candidates, collecting feedback from past employers and delivering it in a structured format to hirers. This software can also handle background screening, checking criminal databases and credit scores if necessary.

Onboarding Tools

Once an employee is “on board,” employers can use secure cloud tools to capture all of that necessary first-day information, including social security numbers and emergency contact names and numbers. This data can be set up to interact with a variety of popular HR tools, populating a variety of databases immediately. This takes laborious administrative tasks out of the hands of a business’s HR department, freeing them up to focus on more important activities, like hiring the next great employee.

Numerous cloud tools are available to finding, screening, and welcoming the next great employee. Because these tools are online, hiring managers can access them from anywhere, enjoying the strictest security features. It’s important that hirers study a few different applications before choosing the one that best suits their own needs.