Three Habits of Successful IT Pros

Three Habits of Successful IT Pros

1. Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Sounds like the opposite of what your mother use to tell you, but the Cloud is becoming increasing important. As more and more business professionals are becoming more tech savvy with individual device. However, more and more of these devices can now interact with one another and it’ll take an IT pro to keep it all running smoothly. Click here to learn more about Cloud hosting.

2. Planning for the Worst

In today’s world, IT professionals are most needed during crisis time. In the past, a computer going down could mean inconvenience, but today it means disaster. The ability to at least come up with a stop-gap measure when systems cease functioning should be on the top of everyone’s list. Like how Gawker Media went down during Hurricane Sandy. They had virtually no plan when their servers got flooded.

3. The Lingua Franca

The smoothest run businesses have good communication. People need to be able to understand one another. Teaching non-IT workers basic terms can help increase the speed at which issues are resolved. It’s a two way street. IT workers learning business terms can help them frame solutions that are more productive. Less foreignness between these two sectors can foster a more cohesive company and may led to a more relaxed atmosphere.

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