Top 10 Questions Every CFO Must Ask Before Moving to the Cloud

Recently, hosted a webinar that addressed some of the many questions CFOs have in making the decision to move to the cloud. CFO Frank Armenio joined us to help answer some of the many questions CFOs have today about the cloud. Among the many highlights of the webinar, which is linked below, are answers to the following questions:

  • Is the cloud the right fit for my organization? In some situations, a move to the cloud might not be the best option for a business. We discuss these instances and point out some issues that might make a cloud move a bad idea at this time.
  • Is your cloud secure enough for my organization and what are the security parameters? Every CFO should ask this question before choosing a vendor. Armenio provides tips to help CFOs ensure their organizations remain secure.
  • What steps can/should we take to ensure we meet all security and compliance standards? We provide specific industry certifications that any cloud provider should have.
  • Is your cloud endorsed by any regulatory agencies/commissions? CFOs should make sure a cloud provider has endorsement from any regulatory agencies that apply to their organization.
  • Who owns my organization’s data? If an organization must move to a new cloud provider, who will own the data? What happens to the information if the cloud provider goes out of business? We discuss several important items a CFO should look for in a cloud service contract
  • Where is my data being stored? Some organizations require data remain in the U.S. We talk about the importance of understanding where data is located and what can be expected in the event of a disaster.
  • Is your cloud public, private, or hybrid? We discuss the difference between each type.
  • Will we experience downtime before moving to the cloud? Moving to the cloud can be a seamless experience. We talk about how businesses can ensure as little downtime as possible during the migration process.
  • What is your process to move into the cloud? Webinar listeners will learn about the various things they should look for when choosing a cloud partner.
  • How long does it take to move an organization of our type/size into the cloud? The webinar covers the importance of making sure the vendor has a full understanding of the scope of your organization before making the move.