Need Video Surveillance? Try the Cloud

bc-injury-law-surveillanceBusinesses are increasingly seeing new ways to leverage the cloud to power business operations. From hosting webinars to making phone calls, IT support has grown significantly from its original job of simply setting up and maintaining servers and PCs.

Video surveillance is one of those new areas, giving businesses the ability to monitor office space 24 hours a day. Thanks to cloud technology, this functionality is more affordable than ever, allowing even small businesses to take advantage of this high-tech security option.

Cloud Video Surveillance

To capture security video through the cloud, a business will first need a good Wi-Fi connection, an IP camera or webcam, and video surveillance software. Once connected, businesses can watch live video at any time, using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This will enable a business to keep an eye on office space after hours or while traveling for optimum peace of mind.

Best of all, with the right video software solution, a business can also archive recordings to review later. If an issue arises in the office, it will be captured on video to use as documentation. If a break-in occurs after hours or a theft happens at a cash register, a business will have a clip of it to use as backup for whatever actions it wants to take.

Privacy, Please

Surveillance cameras aren’t meant to spy on employees to make sure they’re working. They actually have a variety of helpful applications throughout the office. A camera in a break room can solve the mystery of the vanishing lunches from a shared refrigerator or instantly let workers know whether coffee has been brewed yet, saving an unnecessary trip down the hall. It can also be set up in lobby areas to let employees know when they have guests.

Thanks to cloud technology, 24/7 video surveillance is now available to businesses of all sizes. This technology can help keep a business secure without costing a fortune.