What’s new in Apple’s iOS 5 – Part Two

Here we continue our look at Apple’s iOS 5:

  • Revamped Safari and Mail: Despite mobile devices becoming more and more important, web developers still target designs towards desktop users.  The iOS version of Safari now allows people to re-arrange websites, turn off ads, and focus on the most relevant areas for a more user-friendly experience.  The mail app has also been revamped to bring it in-line with a desktop mail client.  It offers rich text formatting, email address dragging, and the ability to flag messages.
  • Revisions to the camera: iPhone users previously would have to go through their lock screen and bring up their camera before they could take a picture – meaning that they often completely missed the boat on a candid moment!  With the new iOS 5, there will be a shortcut to the camera from the lock screen, so candid moments won’t be missed!
  • iMessage: Taking a cue for BlackBerry’s BBM, iMessage allows iOS users to send text and multimedia messages to each other at no additional cost.  iMessage conversations can be continued no matter what device the customer is using, so if someone starts a chat on an iPad and them goes mobile with their iPhone, the conversation will be uninterrupted.
  • Newsstand: Newsstand is a new app for iOS.  It’s similar to iBook or iTunes, which allows you to download books and songs automatically, however Newsstand is geared specifically towards newspapers and magazines.

As always, we will keep an eye on these new technologies and keep you informed as they progress!