3 Apps for Network Administrators and HelpDesk Professionals

3 Apps for Network Administrators and HelpDesk Professionals

Apps aren’t just video games and social networks – there are many useful apps that can make your work easier and better than ever before. Network administrators and helpdesk professionals need all the support they can get. Most help-desk professionals and network administrators have access to a limited number of software, but apps have changed the game. Here are 3 apps that will make you wonder how you ever fixed things without them.

CIDR Calculator

Use this app once and you will see that it isn’t just made for network administrators – it must also be made by network administrators. The use cases of this app are esoteric when looked at from the general population’s point of view, but is a godsend for network administrators. Subnetting and IP address allocations have always been a frustrating part of the work. CIRD calculator makes the job easy by providing you with an easy way to find out the address range. This subnet calculator is notable because it also works with IPV6. If you are a network planner or a network engineer, you need to install and start using this app now. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it works and how easy it makes the overall task for you.


We understand that app makers need to make money, but it is extremely refreshing to see an app that was made just to be useful. Landroid is one of these apps. It is free and has no advertisements whatsoever. It is sort of a Swiss Knife for network administrators as it provides a lot of basic features that make your life easier. You can do TraceRoutes, SSL checks, DNS Lookups, Portscan, and much more, all from this simple app. It is only available for Android right now (as the name suggests) and we would highly recommend every networking professional to get it.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi troubles have become too common a complaint for helpdesk professionals. One big complaint that people have is that the Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough. Wi-Fi Analyzer is a great app for network administrators when they are setting up Wi-Fi networks. The app scans the Wi-Fi signals around you and recommends the channel with the least interference. This allows your Wi-Fi signal to spread over a much larger area as there aren’t many other signals on the same channel. It sounds a bit like magic but we would highly recommend this app to anyone who is having troubles with Wi-Fi range. This app most definitely works and you will be surprised that changing a small Wi-Fi setting can result in such a large difference.


There are many other apps out there that can make your life better. We love this recent trend of making apps that act as a “set of tools” for a specific job. Just one more way smartphones are making our lives easier.