Apple CEO Calls for a More Tablet-Centric Corporate World

ipadApple CEO Tim Cook does the vast majority of his daily work activities on his iPad. And he thinks other business professionals should do the same.

In an interview published in the Wall Street Journal last week, Cook explained a recent partnership with IBM to develop corporate apps for Apple devices. Perhaps noting the growing number of users who are eschewing PCs in favor of mobile devices, Cook believes enterprise-level apps should be as easy to deploy and use as the apps consumers use personally each day.

An Interesting Partnership

Considering the historic rivalry between IBM and Apple, the deal was a surprise to many in the industry. Both companies can benefit from joining forces, since business-related apps have a serious place in a variety of industries, from healthcare to education.

Experts acknowledge that enterprise apps lack the functionality of personal apps, leading to frustrations from business users. There is now a demand for software that will run on tablets and smartphones without taking away from the very things that make the experience unique. Too often, experts note, enterprise apps are simply slightly rewritten versions of the ones designed to run on PCs.

The IBM Edge

As a company, IBM has long been a respected part of the business environment, having provided technology to companies for decades. The company has already acknowledged the importance of great apps for businesses, working with banks, auto manufacturers, and other industries to find apps that meet their unique needs.

With this partnership, professionals will likely eventually be able to do away with PCs altogether. This is a big benefit, since currently many professionals are required to maintain a desktop or laptop to run applications that won’t run properly on their mobile devices. IBM and Apple recognize this demand and, through their combined strength, have the ability to make it happen.