How Cloud Analytics Can Help Your Small Business

analyticsDespite the buzz surrounding the future of data analytics, small businesses aren’t sure how they can gain access to detailed information about every aspect of operations. With the right analytics in place, businesses are finding that they can access statistics about network performance that can help them improve server productivity. However, many smaller businesses assume they don’t have access to this technology due to their size.

But the recent announcement that Datapipe Cloud Analytics won the 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award has raised awareness of the availability of third-party analytics services to businesses of all sizes. Provided to Managed AWS customers, Datapipe delivers information on AWS usage to management to help them make decisions that can save money.

Tracking Costs and Security

With Datapipe, AWS users can track data usage trends over a period of days, weeks, or months to determine where savings can be leveraged. You may be paying for a higher capacity than you are using, for instance, or you may realize that you need more capacity at certain times and less at others.

In addition to cost savings, businesses can use cloud analytics to pinpoint areas of weakness to avoid a security breach. Thanks to email alerts, businesses can be aware immediately when an issue has been discovered so that they can take immediate action to prevent further damage.

For Managed AWS users, Datapipe is a great option. The company’s partnership with Amazon ensures businesses are getting the specialized information they need. With 24/7 support, businesses also have the technical support they need.

Data analytics will soon invade every area of business, with companies seeking insight on how customers are interacting with their websites and bricks-and-mortar locations. With the ability to see details about your cloud behaviors, you’ll have the information you need to optimize your websites and data storage while also saving money.