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5 IT Industry Predictions Every CIO Needs To Know

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? I do. Having spent the last 10 years running an IT services company, one of my many jobs is making sure our products are aligned with the ever-changing forces of technology. Being advanced is excellent, though being on the cutting edge isn’t always great for business. I […]

Microsoft Excel 2016: Use These 5 New Features To Impress Your Team

Microsoft’s 2016 edition release of its Office application suite is set to mark a new era in providing corporate clients with exceptional business process flexibility, team collaboration initiatives, and higher integration with other applications. The new release is geared towards eliminating many of the inconsistencies and performance issues that users faced with the 2013 edition. […]

5 Things You Don’t Know About AWS – And Why You Should Know Them

Amazon’s AWS cloud service platform has emerged as an exceptional provider of cloud services, dwarfing the successes made by rivals, such as Microsoft’s Azure or the Google Cloud Platform. Amazon’s disclosure of its near 17 percent operating profit margin in the first quarter of 2015 easily earned it the reputation of one of the top […]

PowerPoint 2016: 5 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

Microsoft has been on a major role following its announcement of introducing the Office 2016 release. The bundle of applications promises greater collaboration and communication as well as more sophisticated use of security features. Microsoft has also made a number of changes to its PowerPoint software. Users would often have had spent considerable time testing […]

7 Signs You Should Invest In Cloud IT for Your Healthcare Business

Cloud solutions have taken a number of industries by storm and healthcare is no exception. A 2014 survey from HIMSS Analytics discovered that more than 80% of IT executives reported using cloud service solutions. The survey also highlighted that 67% of IT healthcare businesses were using SaaS applications, nearly 16% were using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and […]