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Consumer vs. Enterprise-grade: File Sync, Sharing, and Back-up

Consumer-grade file sync, sharing, and back-up solutions pose many challenges to businesses that care, and many cases are required, about control and visibility over their company data. At the same time, we work in an environment focused on accessibility and collaboration. Below are some of the biggest risks associated with consumer-grade solutions in a business […]

WaaS, or DaaS, or is it VDI?

The confusion. Technology is changing and evolving at a staggering pace, to the point where it has become difficult to keep up with the nomenclatures. Around 2006, the term VDI was being used, then around 2012 you started to hear DaaS, and then WaaS came into play. So what do they all mean, and what […]

New Security Features for Microsoft 365

On April 30th, Microsoft has announced a series of advanced security features for Microsoft 365 Business to further protect their subscribers against cyber threats to safeguard personal and confidential business information. Note! Not to be confused with Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with […]

ServiceDesk – 1st line of support for your company

The Business Approach Doing vital things in a timely manner is crucial and sometimes urgent issues require immediate assistance. Your business infrastructure is no exception, it can generate technical issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. In certain cases, in-house IT engineers can’t bring tech support calls to full resolutions just because […]


In 2019, the email service is the most popular target for hackers, so it’s crucial that enterprises and individuals take the necessary measures to secure their email accounts against common attacks as well as attempts of unauthorized access to email accounts or other means of communication. Malware sent via email messages can be devastating Phishing […]

How to use Disk Quota in Windows 10 Pro

On a shared desktop it is very easy to fill the entire hard disk space with all types of files, but a hard disk supports storage limits for each user, so a single user can be limited and cannot fill the entire disk if a certain procedure is followed correctly. Windows 10 still retains Disk […]

Chronicle – An Alphabet Cybersecurity Company

“We hope that by making this mix of technologies available to more companies at affordable prices, we can give ‘the good guys’ an advantage and help us all turn the tide against cybercrime.” – Stephen Gillett, CEO of Chronicle. Several days ago, Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google and its subsidiaries, announced the launch […]